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We are passionate about spreading the word about SIBO and good gut health. With our gut so responsible for our overall health and wellbeing, taking care of it is important for everyone, whether they have SIBO or not. That’s why we run, and get involved in, all sorts of SIBO events, helping to inspire people on their SIBO journey to good gut health.


21-29 October 2017

The SIBO SOS™ Summit II returns from 21-29 October 2017 with 40+ videos with SIBO practitioners and patients.  Sign up to this online summit for FREE to learn everything you can about Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), an underlying cause of IBS.  Sign up for free >>

Here’s what you’ll discover at the SIBO SOS™ Summit II

✓ Must have labs

✓ The most healing foods for someone with SIBO

✓ The underlying causes at the root of SIBO

✓ The newest research and how it’s impacting treatment options

✓ How to love eating again

✓ The names of supplements practitioners use every day

✓ A deeper understanding of the Migrating Motor Complex and why it’s so important for SIBO patients


Join Rebecca Coomes at the SIBO SOS™ Summit II

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