We are passionate about spreading the word about SIBO and good gut health. With our gut so responsible for our overall health and wellbeing, taking care of it is important for everyone, whether they have SIBO or not. That’s why we run, and get involved in, all sorts of SIBO events, helping to inspire people on their SIBO journey to good gut health.

There are a heap of SIBO and gut health events coming up over the coming weeks. Check out the schedule below so you don’t miss a thing!

The Healthy Gut Experts Summit 2.0

4th – 8th June

The Healthy Gut Experts 2.0 online summit, which I took part in last year, has a great role call of guest speakers for 2018. Many of them friends of The Healthy Gut, such as Angela Pifer, Dr Michael Ruscio and Lee Holmes. Tickets are FREE but only for a limited time.

SIBO Snacks cooking class

7th June (US) & 8th June (AU)

Snacks are the single most asked for recipes when I’m talking to my fellow SIBOers. Join me as I share my all time favourite SIBO snacks with you for this fun and interactive cooking class. Get access to the recording of the class so that you can watch again and again.

Portland, OR Meetup

10th June

Meeting you all is one of the things that drives me forward on my quest to learn and share all I can about SIBO. I’d love to meet as many of you as possible while I’m in the States. I want to find out what information you want, recipes you’d like me to SIBOfy, and more.

2018 SIBO symposium

9th – 10th June

I’m super excited to be heading back to the US to attend the SIBO Symposium in Portland. If you’re going to it then let me know, I’d love to meet up.

The 2018 Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) Symposium will explore the underlying causes of SIBO and provide clinical strategies for preventing post-treatment relapse in patients. Expert presenters will be explaining how to diagnose and either treat, or make educated referrals to effectively manage the underlying causes of bacterial overgrowth.

Dr Pimentel live interview

13th June (3pm PDT) / 14th June (8am AEST)

Following on from the success of the recent podcast episode with Dr Pimentel, he has agreed to come back for a second interview in June to share the exciting news about Hydrogen Sulphide SIBO testing and treatment. Places are strictly limited to the first 100 people, so sign up today to avoid disappointment.

Los Angeles, CA Meetup

14th June

Rebecca will be hosting a MeetUp while she is in Los Angeles.  If you’ve ever wanted to meet her in person, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!  Simply add your details below and she’ll be in touch to let you know when and where.

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  1. I am so excited to meet you in Phoenix, Az. and get your cookbook! I am struggling with what to eat , how to stay healthy and SIBO free. I cannot wait to learn more about SIBO.


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