The Healthy Gut Podcast Episode 41

SIBO journey

The Healthy Gut Podcast Episode 41

A Health Coach’s SIBO journey

Sharing our SIBO stories can be a positive way of supporting our own SIBO journey. Digestive Health Coach Angela Privin joins Rebecca this week sharing her own experience of treating and recovering from SIBO. They talk about the key tools for a successful, positive SIBO journey and the gateway to transformation.

In Today’s Episode

In Episode 41 of The Healthy Gut Podcast, we discuss:

✓ How to learn to accept your SIBO diagnosis

✓ Learning to live a new lifestyle

✓ Understanding why mindset is a big part of a successful SIBO journey

✓ Learning that any resistance to change could hinder your healing

✓ Taking time out for self-care and why it’s important

✓ Why learning not to fear food is important for success

✓ How positive self belief will create confidence on our journey

✓ Deciding what elements of self-care are good for you, for instance, yoga, meditation, rest

✓ Finding your own simple strategies to calm your mind and achieve relaxation

✓ Why you should accept support

✓ How H.Pylori can be a contributing factor to SIBO

✓ Remember that this is a temporary diet protocol to heal your SIBO

✓ Why understanding our own personality quirks can help on your journey

✓ Learning to be kind to yourself and why it’s important

✓ How your personality type can affect your health outcome

✓ Learning self love and considering personal transformation for health and happiness

✓ The gateway to transformation

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Podcast

Connect with Angela Privin

SIBO journey

Angela Privin is living proof that IBS is NOT an incurable disease or a disease at all. IBS is a body out of balance and an invitation for change. After solving her own IBS mystery more than a decade ago Angela trained as a health coach to help others using both science and intuition to help people rebalance their digestion. She works with lab tests, dietary changes, supplementation and the nervous system. Angela specializes in helping people with SIBO, as she’s found it’s a major root cause of IBS. After years of working with SIBO clients and studying the topic, Angela found herself with a raging SIBO overgrowth and had to learn to conquer SIBO from the inside out. She’s gained so much valuable insight from the emotional experience of having SIBO. Angela managed to eradicate her overgrowth in 6 weeks and shares what she’s learned along the way, including her discovery of the IBS personality.

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SIBO journey

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About The Host

Rebecca Coomes

Rebecca Coomes

Rebecca Coomes is an author, entrepreneur, passionate foodie and intrepid traveller. She transformed her health after a lifetime of chronic illness, and today guides others on their own path to wellness. She is the founder of The Healthy Gut, a platform where people can learn about gut health and how it is important for a healthy mind and body and coaches people on how to live well with SIBO. Rebecca is the author of the world’s first cookbooks for people treating Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and the host of the SIBO cooking show and The Healthy Gut podcast.

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SIBO journey

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