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sibo cookbooks

The SIBO Cookbooks are bursting with delicious SIBO-friendly recipes, perfect for those treating Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

Based on the SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet protocol by Dr. Nirala Jacobi ND, these cookbooks are the world’s first dedicated cookbooks for people with SIBO.

All recipes are:

✓ 100% SIBO-friendly recipes
✓ 100% gluten free
✓ Dairy free (or dairy free options)
✓ Free from refined sugar

✓ Low carbohydrate
✓ Low FODMAP options
✓ Based on Dr. Nirala Jacobi ND’s SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet protocol
✓ Recipes categorised for each phase of the diet


rebecca’s story


Rebecca Coomes spent most of her life feeling sick. Born two months premature, her immune system was compromised and saw her develop food intolerances, a damaged gut and an autoimmune disease by her mid-20s.  After years of fruitless visits to countless doctors, and being told she had Irritable Bowel Syndrome with no known cure or cause, she turned to a Naturopath in desperation.  She was quickly diagnosed with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.  After six months of treatment, all of her painful and embarrassing symptoms had vanished.

Rebecca realised she had to do more than just heal her SIBO.  Changing her mindset, incorporating movement into her daily life and healing her gut through improved nutrition and personalised treatment program saw her transform her life. Rebecca is passionate about sharing her success with others, showing them how they too can take back control of their health and happiness.

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We love sharing SIBO specific information with you.  We know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed with this condition.  Every week, we share SIBO-friendly recipes, our cooking show, interviews with specialists, articles, and much more.  And we promise never to spam you. Ever.  Sign up today to make sure you don’t miss out.

the healthy gut coaching programs

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Do you wish there was someone to help you live your best life and show you how you can regain your health and happiness?  Are you confused with conflicting messages about what to eat, how to exercise and whether you should be de-stressing?You will:

At The Healthy Gut, we have a variety of programs to support you.

This program is perfect for people who have recentlybeen diagnosed with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) who are seeking support on how to live with this condition.

Sometimes you need a little extra one-on-one care and attention.  These coaching sessions are ideal for those who are currently participating in a coaching program or are seeking extra support to supplement their current health program.

sibo cooking show

Every Tuesday, Rebecca Coomes brings you a new SIBO Cooking Show, featuring SIBO-friendly recipes that you can make at home and that are easy and delicious. Rebecca believes that food should taste great, even if you are on a restricted diet.  All recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free (or dairy free alternatives are listed), soy-free, low-grain, low-carbohydrate, no refined sugar and low-FODMAP. Subscribe to The Healthy Gut YouTube channel so you don’t miss an episode. Click here to see all of the cooking videos.


Discover quick and easy recipes that are delicious and kind on your gut.  All recipes are 100% gluten, corn and soy free.  We have many low-sugar or sugar-free recipes, low FODMAP recipes and low-dairy or dairy-free recipes. There is something suitable for everyone.

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