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sibo home delivery review: days 7 and final thoughts

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Today is the last day of my week with Yardmill’s SIBO home delivery service, following the Remove and Restore Phase 2 from Dr. Nirala Jacobi’s SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet Protocol.

day seven – breakfast

It got off to a great start with a parfait of passionfruit and coconut yogurt, layered with lychee, raspberries, and topped off with a lovely coconut crunch. The textures worked well together and it was a gorgeous looking dish. The flavours were delicious, and it was a great combination of flavours between the raspberries, lychee, and coconut. I was surprised at how full I was after this breakfast. When I first pulled it out of the fridge, I thought that I was going to be hungry afterwards. In fact, it kept me going for quite a few hours. It’s always going to be a great day when you’re satisfied all the way till lunch time.

day seven – lunch

Lunch consisted of Thai fish cakes paired with coconut rice and pickled cucumber. I truly adore Thai food, the flavours are always perfectly balanced between sweet, spicy, and sour. In short, I had high hopes for this dish. The flavours of the fish cakes were authentic and paired brilliantly with the coconut rice. It was filling and I loved the pickled cucumber. The coconut rice was sensational. It was, all in all, an absolutely brilliant dish.

day seven – dinner

Yardmill really delivered with dinner on day seven. It was an outstanding moussaka that was rich, velvety, succulent, and absolutely delicious. It was a cold winter’s night, and it was just an absolute hit. The serving size was enormous, and as tempted as I was to eat the whole serve for dinner, I got to look forward to seconds the next day. Day seven went out on a high as my favorite day of the whole week. I loved every dish for every meal and now I’m even more sad that this week has to end!

final thoughts

It’s safe to say that I’m sad that my week with Yardmill’s SIBO home delivery service is over. It was such a pleasure testing out the meals, and having someone do all the cooking for me was marvellous. Since each meal was so different from the last I was always looking forward to what the next day had in store. I didn’t have the all-too-familiar sinking feeling at 5 o’clock of ‘what should I make tonight?’ The work was already done for me. I just had to take it out of the fridge, heat, and serve. The best part of it all was that I knew it would be good for my body. I could be satisfied, feel fantastic about what I was eating, and know I was staying within Dr. Nirala Jacobi’s SIBO Bi-Phasic SIBO diet.

Commencing SIBO treatment can be a challenging time. You have just been told you have too much bacteria living in your small intestine, and for a lot of people, all of their favourite foods have just gone off limits.  Using a service like this means you can remain compliant with your nutrition, while focussing on regaining your health.
While I shared minor points of feedback in previous posts, like adding more seasonally appropriate dishes, this week has been a complete success. Nothing tops the convenience of pre-prepared food, especially when you know it’s a safe and healthy choice for healing your gut. I look forward to having more meals from Yardmill in the future, and highly recommend the service to anyone treating their SIBO in the Melbourne area.


sibo home delivery review: days 5 and 6

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The final three days of Yardmill’s SIBO Home Delivery service followed Remove and Restore Phase 2 from Dr. Nirala Jacobi’s SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet Protocol. Some new foods can be introduced at this stage, like 24 hour yoghurt and aged cheese, along with increased quantities of other items.

day five – breakfast

Day five started off with a session at the gym, with Yardmill’s green smoothie waiting for me for breakfast. I loved it because it wasn’t overly sweet, and it was surprisingly filling. It was packed with greens and the hint of banana made for a thick smoothie that set me up for a great day. I’m a fan of breakfast smoothies when you’re on the go, as you get everything you need in an easy and portable serve.

day five – lunch

The good flavours kept on coming through at lunch time! A delicious, warm bowl of pumpkin and ginger soup was exactly what I needed on this blustery winter’s day. Pumpkin soup is one of my favourite meals, so I was excited to tuck into this for lunch and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The flavours combined so well into a creamy dish that was well seasoned and fresh. I enjoy meals that are seasonally appropriate, so this lunchtime dish fit right in with winter.

day five – dinner

I ended the day with a coconut crumbed schnitzel and raw zucchini spaghetti. It is definitely a contender for my favourite meal from Yardmill this week. The raw spaghetti was such a fresh contrast to the crumbed schnitzel. It was a really interesting dish that combined well into a meal. I would’ve preferred to have the option to heat the zucchini spaghetti because, as I’ve mentioned before, I tend to prefer warm meals in winter. Something about digging into a cold meal while bundled up doesn’t always appeal.

day six – breakfast

Like every other meal so far this week, I really enjoyed the rice pudding for breakfast. It was a simple way to start Day 6, but packed with flavour from the coconut and mixed berries. It’s important to be aware of how your body reacts to rice and what you can tolerate, especially for those of you in the early phases of your SIBO treatment. Everyone has different needs and it’s incredibly important to listen to your body and learn what they are.

day six – lunch

One issue I thought I would run into with a week of home delivery food was reheating certain foods. Sometimes reheated fish can be lacklustre in comparison to fresh cooked. This wasn’t the case with the pan-fried barramundi for today’s lunch. It still tasted fantastic and that, along with knowing you’re eating what your body needs, is well worth it.  The side of Vietnamese slaw was crunchy and added a fantastic texture with the barramundi and created a zesty and flavourful combination.

day six – dinner

As I mention in my vlog, I was so excited to have the barramundi for lunch that I mixed up the order of lunch and dinner. The grilled lamb for dinner (originally supposed to be for lunch) was sensational, and even though it was cooked a few days prior, it was still tender, succulent, and flavoursome. The roasted parsnip and green bean salad with roasted capsicum sauce was also a knockout. The whole meal was well-balanced and so filling. Day six was consistently delicious, and I can’t wait to see whatYardmill has in store for me tomorrow!

Check out my review on Day 7 and my overall thoughts on the experience withYardmill.

sibo home delivery review: days 3 and 4

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As I mentioned in the previous blog post, the first two days of Yardmill’s SIBO Home Delivery service followed Reduce and Repair Phase 1, Restricted Diet from Dr. Nirala Jacobi’s SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet Protocol. Now that we’re on days 3 and 4, it follows the Semi Restricted Phase of the Bi-Phasic Diet. Some new foods are being introduced at this stage, like rice and quinoa, along with increased quantities of other items.

day three – breakfast

Today got off to a sweet start with a carrot cake smoothie from Yardmill’s home delivery service. It tasted just like carrot cake, and it was surprisingly filling too. This smoothie was very sweet, and too sweet for me by the end of it, but was an easy option for a morning that I spent on the go.

Watch my vlog as I taste test the carrot cake smoothie.

day three – lunch

Lunch was a delicious tomato and sumac seed salad with a lemon dressing. It was chock-full of tomatoes, radishes and sprouts, so there were plenty of healthy veggies in here. One thing I would add to this meal would be a serving of protein, because I wasn’t full for long on just salad alone.

For a delectable visual on the salad, watch here.

day three – dinner

Yardmill really delivered for dinner. It was an enormous serving of tomato braised chicken thigh with a vegetable and olive ratatouille. It was so filling, that even half of it would have been enough for me. For those of you currently on a SIBO program, keep in mind that it’s best not to eat overly large meals. They tend to strain your already compromised digestive system.

My vlog has more on day four’s dinner here.

day four – breakfast

Day four, and I’m just past the halfway point of my week with Yardmill. Today’s menu included spiced granola and almond milk, which you’ll remember from Day Two’s breakfast. The granola is just as crunchy and lightly spiced as before and the little bottle of milk is adorable, which almost helps perk up an otherwise chilly morning.

day four – lunch and dinner

By the time I got home from a busy day of running around in the city, I had to eat lunch and dinner together. The lunch, which was chicken consommé, was light and zesty. I added a little bit of salt to mine for some extra seasoning, but this is a personal preference. There were strong hints of ginger in it, which added a lot of depth to the dish. The smoked ocean trout with raw vegetable noodles and mixed herb was fresh, and the quality was fantastic. I don’t think the consommé would have filled me up if I had just eaten it for lunch so I was glad I ate lunch and dinner together. Check out my vlog from this meal here.

Check back on Sunday for reviews from days five and six.

sibo home delivery review: days 1 and 2

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Opening up the Yardmill box on the first morning was akin to Christmas morning.  It was full to the brim with containers of food peering back at me in their gorgeous healthiness.  After turning my health (and my life) around 18 months ago, I have been a steady fixture in my kitchen, cooking meals from scratch.  Whilst I love cooking, there are days when I wish someone could do it for me.  This is where Yardmill comes in with their SIBO home delivery service of pre-prepared meals that follow Dr. Nirala Jacobi’s SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet Protocol.

day 1 – breakfast

The first meal from Yardmill was their Zucchini, Coconut and Chive Fritters.  I can’t tolerate eggs at the moment, so it was great having fritters which were egg free.  They were really tasty and surprisingly filling.  They came paired with some spinach leaves and a dressing made out of a coconut yoghurt base.  The first two days were to follow the Reduce and Repair Phase 1, Restricted Diet from Dr. Nirala Jacobi’s SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet Protocol.  In this stage, fermented foods are not to be consumed, so unfortunately the coconut yoghurt dressing was not compliant with the diet protocol. However, because I am through my SIBO treatment, I was able to eat the dressing.

Watch my vlog as I taste the zucchini, coconut and chive fritters.

day 1 – lunch


Lunch was a Roasted Carrot and Cauliflower Salad which came with a herb dressing on the side.  The portion was large and the flavours were gorgeous.  I particularly love the taste of roasted cauliflower, and it worked well with the crunch of the nuts and the fresh herb dressing.  I don’t know about you, but eating for SIBO can make me pretty hungry because there are such limited carbohydrates in a meal.  To stay satisfied and reduce snacking between meals, I normally ensure that I include a good source of protein with each meal.  If I was making this for myself, I would have included some chicken with the salad.

Watch my vlog as I road test the roasted carrot and cauliflower salad.

day 1 – dinner

I was really impressed with the food today.  There was so much thought put into the flavours of the food, and the quality of the produce is exceptional.  I could really taste the effort that Tracey Sisson and her team put into sourcing and creating delicious meals.  Tonight’s dinner was a Poached Chicken Breast on Steamed Bok Choy, Kale and Spring Onion with a Ginger and Chilli Dressing.  The flavours were really fresh and the ginger and chilli dressing added a light zing to the meal.  I definitely felt full of health and vitality at the end of it.

Watch my vlog of the poached chicken breast on steamed bok choy, kale and spring onion with a ginger and chilli dressing.

day 2 – breakfast


I had informed the team at Yardmill know that I couldn’t eat eggs, so they had to make a substitution for this meal.  They would have provided me with a SIBO-friendly house made ‘bread’ but it contained eggs, so it was off the menu.  They replaced it with the Spiced Granola with Almond Milk which was crunchy, flavoursome and quite filling. The almond milk is made locally and doesn’t contain any thickeners or gums that are often used in commercially made almond milks. The only problems was that the almond milk and puffed quinoa weren’t suitable for the Reduce and Repair Phase 1, Restricted Diet from Dr. Nirala Jacobi’s SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet Protocol.  If I was strictly following the protocol, this would have been problematic for me, but as I can now be more relaxed with my diet, I was able to eat it.  It is worth noting that I have previously had issues with quinoa, but hadn’t eaten it since healing my SIBO, so was keen to try it.  Unfortunately for me, the tell tale signs of quinoa intolerance reappeared an hour after eating it: nausea, some pain and just generally feeling off.

day 2 – lunch

I was having a pretty busy day today so spent a lot of the day running around.  As a result, I was pretty hungry by the time I hit lunchtime.  Today’s lunch was a Grilled Vegetable Salad.  It was a cold winter’s day in Melbourne, so my desire for a cold salad was pretty minimal!  But I have to say the salad tasted really nice, although it didn’t fill me up and I would have loved some protein to go with it.  I adore salads, and eat them daily during the warmer summer months, but find I veer towards warmer, heartier food during the depths of winter. A warm meal for lunch would have been my preference today.

day 2 – dinner

The final meal of the day was a Pan Fried Barramundi Fillet with Eggplant and Vegetable Purée.  I’ve got to be honest, I was starving by the time I sat down to eat.  The salad for lunch just hadn’t filled me up.  The flavours of the fish were really enjoyable and I was surprised just how succulent the fish was after being re-heated.  When I first placed it on my plate, my heart sank a little as it looked like a small portion.  But it was surprisingly filling, and I was satisfied and comfortably full by the end of the meal.

days 3 and 4

I will release my next blog post this Friday when I review Days 3 and 4.  Stay tuned.

Road testing a SIBO home delivery service

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Good news! there is now a SIBO home delivery service of pre-prepared meals in Melbourne

Several weeks ago I was contacted by Tracey Sisson from Yardmill, who is the owner and founder of a paddock to plate cafe in Toorak, Melbourne who offer a SIBO home delivery service of pre-prepared meals.  Tracey invited me to her cafe to meet with her and tell me more about why she is so passionate about helping those of us with food intolerances and sensitive guts.

Yardmill cafe

Her cafe is cosy and reminds me of a farmstead setting.  She has done that on purpose, wanting all elements of her cafe to display a paddock to plate philosophy.  It is bursting with nutritious foods, the cabinets overflowing with items made on-site and clearly displayed with dietary guidelines.  They also have a fridge and pantry stocked full of take-home meals and items that are also made in-house by their team of chefs.

Tracey explained to me that she personally visited every supplier because she wanted to be 100% confident that they apply ethical farming practices, and that their food does in fact come from where they say it does.  She told me that if a supplier won’t let her visit, she won’t use them.  Tracey and I are aligned in this regard, and it was great seeing someone practicing what they preach when it comes to food quality.

An ex-corporate lawyer, Tracey’s love for food lead her to give up her legal life and open the cafe.  After watching friends suffer from food intolerances and struggle to find good quality, safe food when eating out, she decided to open her own cafe.

Her rationalisation for making everything on site is that she knows exactly what has gone into the food.  For anyone with food intolerances, this is welcome news as the staff can provide information easily.

SIBO home delivery service

I believe in testing and trying out any product or service before recommending it to my community, so Tracey and I agreed for me to be guinea pig for a week and to road test the SIBO home delivery service of pre-prepared meals.

I will blog and vlog my way through the week, sharing my thoughts on each meal as I eat it.  Eating for SIBO can be challenging at the best of times, so to know there is a SIBO-friendly home delivery service, which follows Dr. Nirala Jacobi’s SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet will be a welcome find for many.