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Heid says:

I have Sibo and would like any Information and podcasts that are available. Thank you

Liz says:

Thank you for our contribution to helping understand SIBO!

Tricia says:

GREAT work! Thank you so much for your service to people like me who struggle with this annoying issue! :)

Deborah Roberts says:

For Mayonnaise in your SIBO Family Favorites, what would be a good substitute for the egg? I can’t tolerate egg right now. Thank you!

Rebecca Coomes says:

Hi Deborah
A true mayonnaise is made from egg, so it does make it difficult to alter this recipe because its base is egg. You could search for a vegan mayonnaise recipe, as that won’t contain any egg products. This one looks good, and you would just need to use a nut milk you can tolerate. I haven’t personally tried it, so let me know how it works.

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