THG Events

The Healthy Gut Events

We are passionate about spreading the word about SIBO and good gut health. With our gut so responsible for our overall health and wellbeing, taking care of it is important for everyone, whether they have SIBO or not. We run, and get involved in, all sorts of events, helping to inspire people on their SIBO journey to good gut health.

Rebecca’s story of returning to good gut health is inspiring, and this, together with the knowledge she has gained on her own journey, means that she truly understands the challenges that can be faced with SIBO.

From running small workshops and corporate events to taking part in national and international  summits as a patient advocate, we love to get involved, spreading the word about SIBO. Past events have been held in conjunction with other inspiring partners, such a Nourish Melbourne and Organic Angels, corporate events with Myer and Zubias Threading, and talking to practitioners at key events such as the SIBO Summit.

US Tour

Rebecca will be touring in the US this June and July to launch the US editions of her SIBO Cookbooks.  Join her for book signings, live podcast recordings, SIBO workshops, live cooking demonstrations and more. She will be visiting:

✓ Los Angeles (19-20 June)

✓ San Francisco (21-22 June)

✓ Portland (23-26 June)

✓ Seattle (27-30 June)

✓ Boston (Dates TBC)

✓ New York (Dates TBC)

✓ Phoenix (11-16 July)

Want to meet Rebecca in person? Simply fill in your details below, selecting the events you would like to join, and we will be in touch with information on the events shortly.