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We love sharing everything we’ve been up to. Below are some recent articles and interviews that we, and our recipes, have had the pleasure of being featured in lately.

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The Huffington Post featured our dairy free Passionfruit Parfait that is fresh, fruity and incredibly easy to make. While our easy, Chocolate and Pomegranate Tart with colourful pomegranate arils will delight even die-hard chocolate fans.

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Rebecca Coomes shares with Yum. Gluten Free how she truly brought her life back after her life-changing SIBO diagnosis.


IQuitSugar found that our Breakfast Pizza is quick and easy without the bloated feeling afterwards!

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Yum. Gluten Free featured our gluten-free Prosciutto, Egg and Capsicum Muffins that can be a great on-the-go meal or snacks so you never get caught with nothing to eat.

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Who says pizza is only for dinner? The Carousel featured our Breakfast Pizza that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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Australian Gluten-Free Life Magazine features some of the delicious meals from our SIBO Family Favourites Cookbook that can help heal your gut. Grab your copy now!

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The Carousel featured our SIBO-friendly butter chicken that packs a flavour punch and tastes just as good as the real thing, without causing any irritation!


How and where to eat for a healthy gut? Rebecca shares with The Weekly Review plenty of tips for what and where to eat on a restricted diet.

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Yum. Gluten Free featured our gluten-free Crispy Chicken Strips with Lime Aioli. They’re easy to make and will be sure to be a hit in your household.

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Check out Yum. Gluten Free for our delicious, decadent, AND SIBO-friendly Choco-Coco-Nutty Bites best enjoyed in small doses.

Nourish Melbourne

Do you wonder if fermented foods are right for you? Check out Rebecca Coomes’ article on Nourish Melbourne on why they’re not for everyone.

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InDaily featured our to-die-for Chocolate and Pomegranate Tart that has no refined sugar, dairy or eggs. This tart looks heavenly and is a perfect end to a dinner party or special meal, and will keep for several days in the fridge… if it lasts that long.

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Listen in as Rebecca Coomes talks to Ann Creber of 3MDR 97.1’s The Good Life about her life-changing SIBO diagnosis, and how it inspired her to share her love for cooking by creating meals that are both delicious and SIBO-friendly.


Jacki Mitchell of 98.7 RPP FM’s Taking Care of Business talks to 4 Inventors and Innovators, including our own Rebecca Coomes. Rebecca shares how The Healthy Gut was borne from the need to provide support for folks who, like herself, have been diagnosed with SIBO. She also talks about The Healthy Gut coaching programs, and her SIBO Family Favourites Cookbook.


Rebecca Coomes chats with Jo Fitton and Crystal Fieldhouse of The Primal Shift about all things gut health, turning passions into professions, and making food sexy again. Listen to the podcast episode, and check out their other fantastic episodes as well!

Real Food Reel Podcast

Rebecca was excited to join Steph Lowe, The Natural Nutritionist on The Real Food Reel recently to talk about her SIBO journey, from diagnosis to wellness.

Small business, big marketing

Rebecca had the pleasure of joining Tim Reid, from Small Business, Big Marketing to chat all about The Healthy Gut, how it started and, where it’s going.

podcast appearances

Rebecca is a social butterfly and loves to chat. When your journey to gut health is so good, you have to share it! She’s had the opportunity to do just that as a guest on these podcasts.

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