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Hosted by Rebecca Coomes, The Healthy Gut podcast is perfect for people who are currently treating Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), or have an interest in learning more about how to achieve a healthy gut.

Rebecca was diagnosed with SIBO in early 2015.  After successfully treating the condition, she has dedicated her life to empowering others to achieve health, and is passionate about sharing information on all aspects of gut health, to support others on their journey to health.

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Latest Episode

The Healthy Gut Podcast - Herbal Therapies and Biofilm Busters

Ep. 61 – SIBO: Herbal Therapies and Biofilm Busters with Dr Rachel Fresco

Dr Rachel Fresco is an acupuncturist, PhD, and founder and CEO of Bio-Botanical Research. Since 1989, Dr Fresco has utilized her background in naturopathy, Chinese medicine, and clinical nutrition to create products that have a significant impact on challenging clinical conditions. She joins Rebecca to discuss how herbal therapies can be useful in the treatment of SIBO and biofilms.

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Top Picks

Constipation & SIBO with Lynda Griparic

Ep. 54 – Constipation and SIBO with Lynda Griparic

Constipation is one of the leading symptoms of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and can be a highly frustrating experience for many SIBO patients. Naturopath Lynda Griparic joins Rebecca Coomes to discuss what it is, why we develop it, and what we can do about it once we start experiencing it.

Migrating motor complex

Ep. 39 – Migrating Motor Complex with Dr Allison Siebecker

The Migrating Motor Complex is an essential gut function, but how does it work? Dr Siebecker talks about what the Migrating Motor Complex is, what it does and why it’s one of our bodies essential functions. They discuss the use of prokinetics, and what we should be looking for in our bowel movements.


Ep. 11 – Eating for SIBO with nutritionist Kristy Regan

Knowing what to eat when treating SIBO can be daunting and confusing and finding the ‘right’ diet for you can take time. In today’s episode of The Healthy Gut podcast, Rebecca Coomes is joined by nutritionist Kristy Regan to talk all about what foods we should, and shouldn’t, be eating while treating SIBO.


All episodes


Ep. 1 – 5 Steps To Improve Your Health with Rebecca Coomes

It can be difficult to remain positive when you are suffering from chronic illness, especially one that is invisible because it is in the gut. Rebecca Coomes discusses her own journey to health and how she developed the 5 key pillars to health to truly reform her health.


Ep. 2 – SIBO Causes, Risk Factors, Symptoms, Treatment and Diet with Dr. Allison Siebecker

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) is estimated to affect 60% of people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) yet is largely unknown. The Queen of SIBO, Dr. Allison Siebecker joins Rebecca Coomes to discuss this condition.


Ep. 3 – How To Live with SIBO When You React To Everything With Dr. Allison Siebecker

This is the second part of a two-part interview with the Queen of SIBO, Dr. Allison Siebecker.  In this episode, Rebecca Coomes talks to Dr. Siebecker about how to live with SIBO, especially when you react to everything.

THG Podcast: Bi Phasic Diet, testing & herbal treatments

Ep. 4 – The Bi-Phasic Diet, Testing and Herbal Treatments with Dr. Nirala Jacobi

Do you have hydrogen or methane dominant SIBO? Understanding what type of SIBO you have is an important aspect of your treatment program and ultimate recovery. Rebecca Coomes talks to Australia’s leading SIBO specialist, Dr. Nirala Jacobi about testing options and her diet protocol, the SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet.


Ep. 5 – Naturopathy and SIBO with Natalie Cruttenden

Learn how Naturopath Natalie Cruttenden treats SIBO naturally with her naturopathic approach, and why Rebecca Coomes credits her for saving her life.


Ep. 6 – SIBO: The Patient’s Perspective with Katie Caldwell

Katie Calwell has run the gammit when it comes to health concerns. She has been diagnosed with Hashimotos, H. Pylori, SIBO and ovarian cancer. In today’s episode she shares her health journey, how she successfully treated SIBO but then feared it would return after using antibiotics for H. Pylori. She discusses the importance of not giving up when your symptoms persist and why she believes SIBO is part of a greater issue of things going wrong in your body.


Ep. 7 – SIBO: Restless Leg Syndrome & Rosacea with Dr. Leonard Weinstock

Have you ever been driven crazy by a crawling, tingling, itsy feeling in your feet or legs?  Or perhaps you have experienced persistent redness on your facial skin that won’t go away. In this episode, Rebecca Coomes talks to gastroenterologist Dr. Leonard Weinstock about why Restless Leg Syndrome and Rosacea are connected to the gut and SIBO.

The Healthy Gut podcast with Angela Pifer

Ep. 8 – SIBO: Be Your Own Health Detective with Angela Pifer

SIBO can be a debilitating condition for many people so it is important to become your own private investigator to really understand what went wrong in your body to allow SIBO to occur. In today’s episode, Rebecca talks to functional medical nutritionist aka SIBO Guru, Angela Pifer, about the importance of really listening to your body.

The Healthy Gut podcast with Dr Megan Taylor

Ep. 9 – Kids and SIBO with Dr. Megan Taylor

Kids can often experience digestive pain and discomfort, or altered bowel movement with diarrhoea and constipation. Did you know this could be caused by Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth? In today’s episode, Rebecca chats to Dr. Megan Taylor, a naturopathic doctor who specialises in working with kids with SIBO and digestive complaints.


Ep. 10 – Inflammatory Bowel Disease with Dr Ilana Gurevich

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases can be painful, debilitating and embarrassing. They can render people feeling weak, fatigued and very unwell. In today’s episode, Rebecca chats to Dr. Ilana Gurevich, a naturopathic doctor who specialises in working with people with with IBDs, SIBO and GI complaints, about how she treats these conditions and can support them to live a healthier, happier life.


Ep. 11 – Eating for SIBO with nutritionist Kristy Regan

Knowing what to eat when treating SIBO can be daunting and confusing and finding the ‘right’ diet for you can take time. In today’s episode of The Healthy Gut podcast, Rebecca Coomes is joined by nutritionist Kristy Regan to talk all about what foods we should, and shouldn’t, be eating while treating SIBO.


Dr Michael Ruscio

Ep. 12 – Sleep and Thyroid issues with SIBO

Sleep can be hard to manage when treating SIBO, knowing how much we need and how to help achieve it can be key in your recuperation. In today’s episode of The Healthy Gut podcast, Rebecca Coomes is joined by Dr Michael Ruscio to talk about all things sleep and the associated issues that can occur with your thyroid while treating SIBO.

George Clingan podcast

Ep. 13 – Why Perseverance is key for SIBO

Perseverance when we have SIBO is an important matter, from diagnosis through to treatment. George Clingan understands well the issues that people with SIBO can be faced with, being someone that has SIBO. He talks with me, in depth, about  the five key pillars to health; awareness, mindset, movement, lifestyle and nutrition and how, with support and perseverance, we are better placed to cope with the issues surrounding SIBO.

Shaun Seymour and Sam Roberts

Ep.14 – SIBO and Movement

When we are chronically ill, exercise and movement can be one of the first things to disappear from our regular schedule.

In today’s episode of The Healthy Gut podcast, Rebecca chats to Shaun Seymour and Sam Roberts, both qualified nutritionists and personal trainers, about the role movement has in our journey to recovery.

Dr Mona Morstein podcast

Ep.15 – SIBO, Diabetes and Gut Health

Rebecca speaks with Dr Mona Morstein about diabetes, insulin resistance and the role gut health plays on these conditions. Dr Morstein is recognised as an expert on pre-diabetes and diabetes, and also specialises in gastroenterology and hormonal disorders. Rebecca and Dr Morstein get into the detail about the importance of insulin and how our bodies use it, and why we can be predisposed to diabetes when we have SIBO. They also chat about the impact that the microbiome has on our gut health and how to protect it.

sarah butler

Ep.16 – SIBO, Organic Food and Gut Health

In this week’s episode of The Healthy Gut Podcast Rebecca chats to Sarah Butler from Organic Angels about all things organic. Not only does she run an organic delivery business, but she has three kids so is well versed in how to get kids excited about food. Sarah also shares her own personal journey with an autoimmune disease and how she has taken herself and her family on a journey to improve the health of their digestive systems.

Kyrstie Barcak

Ep. 17 – SIBO: Growing for Health with Kyrstie Barcak

In this week’s episode Rebecca talks to Kyrstie Barcak, founder of A Fresh Legacy, creator of The Kitchen Garden Box and a passionate recipe developer. They chat about the joy of growing our own food, and why it is better for us. Kyrstie was diagnosed with methane dominant SIBO last year. She and Rebecca chat about how she managed to juggle a busy business and family while treating a chronic illness.

The Healthy Gut Podcast Episode 18 with Dr Norm Robillard

Ep. 18 – Fast Tract Diet with Dr Norm Robillard Ph.D.

In this week’s episode of The Healthy Gut podcast Rebecca talks to Dr Norm Robillard Ph.D., the founder of The Digestive Health Institute, a gut expert, microbiologist, author of the Fast Tract Diet book series and the Fast Tract Diet app. The Fast Tract Diet has been successfully used by people with SIBO to calm their digestive symptoms. Rebecca and Dr Robillard delve into the Fast Tract Diet.


Ep. 19 – SIBO: Eastern and Western Medicine with Dr Whitney Hayes

Dr Whitney Hayes uses the tools of both Eastern and Western medicine in her treatment of patients with IBS and SIBO. She and Rebecca get into the different ways that she helps patients back to good gut health, using a combination of acupuncture, naturopathic supplements and lifestyle suggestions. 


Ep. 20 – The CLEAR Protocol with Dr Jason Klop

Dr. Jason Klop is a naturopathic doctor on a journey to educate, empower and treat those on their journey with digestive challenges. Rebecca and Dr Klop chat about how he developed the CLEAR Protocol to help people with SIBO address their symptoms through diet and lifestyle modifications.

Jessica Cox

Ep. 21 – SIBO nutrition with Jessica Cox

Jessica Cox is a nutritionist with over ten years of clinical experience, and has an immense passion for therapeutic nutrition. Rebecca and Jessica talk about SIBO nutrition and why it is important to treat your SIBO with the support of a qualified practitioner.

Supporting your SIBO journey

Ep. 22 – Supporting your SIBO journey with Daniela Paolone

Daniela Paolone is a passionate advocate for people with SIBO and shares her own journey with this condition with Rebecca. She discusses why finding support is so important during your treatment and why keeping positive is key.

Hormones and SIBO

Ep. 23 – SIBO and hormones with Dr Robyn Kutka

Our hormones are vital to good mental and physical health, and keeping them balanced can be challenging, especially for people with SIBO. In this episode Rebecca talks to Dr. Robyn Kutka, who is a naturopathic physician specialising in hormone imbalances. She is a leading light in the field of hormone balancing and bioidentical hormone therapy.


Ep. 24 – Microbiota and SIBO with Dr Jason Hawrelak

A healthy, balanced microbiota is an invaluable piece of our health puzzle when we are treating SIBO. Dr. Jason Hawrelak is an expert on the microbiota and joins Rebecca to talk about the role our microbes play in our health, and the role that pre and probiotics play in the treatment of, and recovery from, SIBO.


Ep. 25 – Adhesions and SIBO with Larry and Belinda Wurn

Adhesions are a particular risk for people with SIBO, causing additional issues in recovery. In this episode Rebecca is joined by Larry Wurn LMT and Belinda Wurn from the Clear Passage clinics to talk all about their important work on adhesions. Belinda co-developed the ‘Wurn technique’ to address adhesions non-surgically. They talk with Rebecca about how adhesions develop, what the risk factors are and what you can do about them.


Ep. 26 – 4- steps to gut healing with Lee Holmes

Rebecca is joined by Lee Holmes from Supercharged Food and the author of Heal Your Gut. Lee talks with Rebecca about how through her own illness she realised that healing her gut was key to her overall health. She and Rebecca chat about her 4 phases of gut healing.They look at how a change in lifestyle can also help to change our health overall.


Ep. 27 – 4 steps to treating SIBO with Dr Melanie Keller

Dr Melanie Keller joins Rebecca this week to talk all about her 4-Step program to treat SIBO: rebalance, reinforce, remedy and renew. Dr Keller is passionate about treating SIBO and believes that an individualised approach to treatment is imperative to success. She and Rebecca get into why sharing your complete history with your practitioner is so important to truly develop a unique treatment program.  

Sibo questions

Ep. 28 – Answering your SIBO questions with Dr. Adam Sandford

This week Dr Adam Sandford joins Rebecca to answer questions from The Healthy Gut community about SIBO. Dr Sandford is a Naturopathic Doctor who focuses on blending conventional and alternative medicines, with a special focus on gut and hormone disorders. He and Rebecca get into treatment options, recurrence of SIBO, methylation pathways, thyroid and hormones and much, much more.


Ep. 29 – Food sensitivities, intolerances and allergies with Erica Julson

Erica Julson joins Rebecca to talk all about food sensitivities, allergies, and intolerances. Erica and Rebecca talk about the differences between immune and digestive responses to food, and how to know which you have. They also talk about how reducing inflammatory response is key when treating SIBO, and why eating a broad diet is important.


Ep. 30 – Coeliac Disease with Dr. Lisa Shaver

Dr Lisa Shaver joins Rebecca to talk about all about Coeliac Disease and gluten free diets. They chat about the differences between Coeliac Disease, non-Coeliac gluten sensitivity and wheat allergies. Dr Shaver discusses how these different conditions manifest themselves and talks through common symptoms,  treatments and why testing is important.

Lyme Disease

Ep. 31 – Lyme Disease and SIBO with Dr Farshid Sam Rahbar

This week Rebecca is joined by Dr Farshid Sam Rahbar to talk all about Lyme Disease and SIBO. Dr Rahbar is an acclaimed gastroenterologist with a passion for using the ‘whole-person’ approach in treatment. Rebecca and Dr Rahbar talk about the link between Lyme Disease and SIBO, how it’s caused, its symptoms, risk factors and the available treatments.


Ep. 32 – Functional Gut Health with Dr Anthony Hobson

This week Rebecca is joined by Dr Anthony Hobson to talk all about functional gut health. Dr Hobson is from the UK and is an internationally renowned gastro physiologist. Rebecca and Dr Hobson talk about why it’s important to adopt a holistic approach in diagnosis and assessing gut function from ‘top to bottom’. They also look at the variety of GI function tests available and which are most valuable when looking for a diagnosis of gut health issues.


Ep. 33 – Visceral mobilisation with Alyssa Tait

If you are experiencing pelvic pain alongside your gut issues, did you know that the two can be linked? This week Alyssa Tait joins Rebecca to talk all about visceral mobilisation and the reasons why chronic pelvic pain can have an affect on your gut’s effectiveness. Alyssa Tait is a physiotherapist and naturopath with a special interest in abdominal and pelvic pain disorders, the gut and urogenital issues.


Ep. 34 – Going gluten free with Heather Jacobsen

If you’ve considered going gluten free then this week’s podcast is a must. Rebecca is joined by Heather Jacobsen from Stuffed Pepper to talk all about how, and why, you might decide to go gluten free. They chat about how Heather’s own journey through various childhood conditions, abdominal surgery and an autoimmune condition has led her to a gluten free life. Heather talks about how gluten sensitivity manifests itself, the symptoms and how to manage changing your diet for optimum gut healing.

dream team

Ep. 35 – Creating your SIBO Dream Team with Shivan Sarna

Do you have a Dream Team supporting your SIBO journey? This week Rebecca is joined by Shivan Sarna to talk all about how creating a Dream Team has helped to empower her on her own SIBO journey. They chat about why perseverance and persistence are so important when investigating your gut health and seeking a diagnosis. They also explore how you can manage the financial implications of testing and treating SIBO.

SIBO and thyroid

Ep. 36 – Thyroid and SIBO with Dr Michael Ruscio

If you’re considering whether your thyroid is part of your health puzzle then this week’s podcast is essential listening. Dr Michael Ruscio returns to talk about the gut/thyroid connection and SIBO. Dr Ruscio discusses how to know if you have thyroid issues, what symptoms to look out for and what tests are worth doing. They also look at which you should treat first, SIBO or your thyroid.

oral health

Ep. 37 – Oral health and SIBO with Dr Melanie Keller

Have you considered the importance of oral health on your digestion and gut health? Dr Melanie Keller returns to explain the crucial role your mouth plays in the digestive process. Dr Keller discusses with Rebecca the risk factors associated with poor dental health and how to achieve good dental hygiene. They also talk about the relationship between bacteria in the gut and the mouth.

mindset podcast

Ep. 38 – Mindset with Kirstin Bouse

Having a positive mindset is a valuable tool for life, even more so when you are dealing with a chronic illness. Psychologist Kirstin Bouse talks about how, and why, mindset is a big part of a successful SIBO journey. She talks about how to create positivity in your day to day life by identifying the good things and focusing on them.

Migrating motor complex

Ep. 39 – Migrating Motor Complex with Dr Allison Siebecker

The Migrating Motor Complex is an essential gut function, but how does it work? Dr Siebecker talks about what the Migrating Motor Complex is, what it does and why it’s one of our bodies essential functions. They discuss the use of prokinetics, and what we should be looking for in our bowel movements.

mind, body and spirit

Ep. 40 – Mind, body, spirit with Dr Jason Wysocki

When we consider mind, body and spirit together we can create a uniting force that will empower us on our journey to recovery. This week Dr Jason Wysocki joins Rebecca to talk about how the connection of mind, body and spirit working together can help with dealing with a chronic illness.

SIBO journey

Ep. 41 – A Health Coach’s SIBO journey with Angela Privin

Sharing our SIBO stories can be a positive way of supporting our own SIBO journey. Digestive Health Coach Angela Privin joins Rebecca this week, sharing her own experience of treating and recovering from SIBO.

How to have a diverse microbiome

Ep. 42 – How to create a diverse microbiome with Dr Norm Robillard

When your gut is working hard to heal, having a healthy, diverse microbiome is key to success. Dr Norm Robillard, of the Digestive Health Institute and creator of the Fast Tract Diet, joins Rebecca to talk about the elements that need to be in place in our diet and lifestyle to create a diverse microbiome.

The Healthy Gut Podcast - Facing Food Fears

Ep. 43 – Facing food fears with Angela Pifer

Food can become an emotional subject when you have SIBO. This week functional medical nutritionist, aka the SIBO Guru Angela Pifer, returns to talk about facing food fears. Angela discusses the different SIBO diet choices, managing flairs and why it’s so important to remember that cheating will not make SIBO return.

The Healthy Gut Podcast - Going low carb

Ep. 44 – Going low carb with Steph Lowe

If you’ve been considering going low carb then this week’s podcast is essential listening. Steph Lowe, The Natural Nutritionist, joins Rebecca to talk all about the features and benefits of a low carb diet. They discuss how the diet works and why we should be eating real, unprocessed foods and more fat.

The Healthy Gut Podcast - SIBO and men

Ep. 45 – SIBO and men with Dr Jason Wysocki

For many men gut health is at the back of the queue when it comes to taking care of themselves. Dr Jason Wysocki joins Rebecca to discuss how important it is for men to address any gut health concerns and the far reaching effect that poor gut function can have on overall health.

The Healthy Gut Podcast - Going organic

Ep. 46 – Going organic with Nicole Robins

Have you been considering going organic? If you’re feeling confused about why you might make the swap to organic food then this week’s podcast is for you. Nicole Robins, Holistic Nutritionist and Organic market owner joins Rebecca for a live podcast recording in Vancouver BC to discuss how and why you might want to make the swap.

The Healthy Gut Podcast - Low tox living

Ep. 47 – Low tox living with Cara Little

What does ‘low tox’ living mean and how you can achieve it? The products you put on your body and use around your home are just as important as what you put into your body, and a few simple changes can help to limit your exposure to toxins. Pharmacist Cara Little joins Rebecca to discuss how you can make those changes.

The Healthy Gut Podcast - Fertility and gut health

Ep. 48 – Fertility and gut health with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

Are you aware of the effect that your gut health can have on your fertility? Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, a Fertility Awareness Educator, discusses the important connection between female menstrual cycles and your gut health. Learn how to chart your cycle to check your fertility, how diet and lifestyle changes can help with fertility and what to do if you cycle is not ‘normal’.

The Healthy Gut Podcast - Autoimmunity

Ep. 49 – Autoimmunity and SIBO with Heidi Turner

Autoimmune conditions can leave you suffering everything from histamine flares to inflammation, so what is the link to SIBO? This week Rebecca is joined by Heidi Turner, a functional dietitian/nutritionist who specialises in SIBO and other digestive disorders. They discuss why it’s so important to calm our systems for recovery and how that can achieved.


Methane dominant SIBO with Dr Melanie Keller

Ep. 50 – Methane dominant SIBO with Dr Melanie Keller

Did you know that there are two different types of SIBO and what the differences are between them? This week Dr Melanie Keller and Rebecca specifically discuss methane dominant SIBO. Dr Keller talks Rebecca through the different symptoms and treatments for methane dominant SIBO as well as supportive practices for chronic constipation and gut health testing.

The Healthy Gut podcast episode 51

Ep. 51 – SIBO food phobias with Riley Wimminger

In far too many cases, SIBO patients can end up with phobias surrounding the food they eat. Nutritionist Riley Wimminger discusses why this happens and provides some handy tips on what can be done to overcome them.  Plus, she discusses nutritional deficiencies, common after prolonged dietary restrictions.

Real life SIBO patient story with Sharon Treadgold

Ep. 52 – Real life SIBO patient story with Sharon Treadgold

Initially being diagnosed with IBS and told to change her diet, Sharon Treadgold commenced a journey to discover the myriad of conditions at play as her health spiralled downwards. Realising she had to take control of her health, she sought out experienced practitioners and created a health care dream team who have been integral in significantly improving her health.

Dr Michael Traub SIBO and skin conditions

Ep. 53 – SIBO and skin conditions with Dr Michael Traub

The health of your gut can impact the health of your skin. Dr Michael Traub joins Rebecca Coomes to discuss the gut:skin axis and why common conditions like acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and skin cancer can be a sign that you have SIBO or other underlying gut issues.

Constipation & SIBO with Lynda Griparic

Ep. 54 – Constipation and SIBO with Lynda Griparic

Constipation is one of the leading symptoms of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and can be a highly frustrating experience for many SIBO patients. Naturopath Lynda Griparic joins Rebecca Coomes to discuss what it is, why we develop it, and what we can do about it once we start experiencing it.

Surviving trauma to regain health

Ep. 55 – Surviving Trauma To Regain Health with Rebecca Coomes

Traumatic events can be life-changing and everlasting.  Today, Rebecca Coomes shares her own personal experience with highly traumatic events and how a near-death diving accident was the tipping point for change.

Overcoming inflammatory bowel disease with Dane Johnson

Ep. 56 – Overcoming Bowel Disease with Dane Johnson

Dane Johnson was a successful model and actor, living a dream life on the outside, yet getting sicker on the inside.  Ultimately, he ended up bedridden and hospitalised from inflammatory bowel disease, severely underweight and extremely unwell. Dane shares with us what hitting rock bottom was like for him and how he clawed himself back to regain his health.

The Healthy Gut Podcast Episode 57

Ep. 57 – Overcoming Auto Immune Disease with Dr Terry Wahls

Dr Terry Wahls was confined to a tilt-recline wheelchair for 4 years with multiple sclerosis, before restoring her health using a diet and lifestyle program. Dr Wahls shares her journey with MS, why she developed the Wahls Protocol and how gut health has a big impact on our overall health.

Dr Megan Taylor - Visceral Hypersensitivity

Ep. 58 – Visceral Hypersensitivity with Dr Megan Taylor

Do you experience chronic pain with your SIBO? Do you still experience painful digestive symptoms despite getting the all-clear? Or perhaps you’re someone who reacts to everything, even water. In this episode Dr Megan Taylor discusses why Visceral Hypersensitivity should be considered as part of your underlying conditions.


Dr Mark Pimentel on The Healthy Gut Podcast

Ep. 59 – Understanding SIBO with Dr Mark Pimentel

Dr Mark Pimentel is a leading pioneer in the world of SIBO research and has been the #1 most request guest to appear on The Healthy Gut Podcast. He joins Rebecca to answer a wide range of questions on SIBO that were submitted by listeners of The Healthy Gut Podcast.

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