recipes to nourish your soul and soothe your gut

Working out what to eat when your gut is angry can be difficult. You never know what will help you or inflame you. We have created a selection of our favourite recipes. You can search by meal type or diet type.

We have a selection of SIBO friendly, low FODMAP, gluten free, dairy free, grain free, sugar free, vegetarian and vegan meals to suit all of your dietary requirements.  Simply scroll down to reveal all recipes, or select meal type or diet type to find recipes that suit your needs.

We know how busy you are. We know you don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen, but want delicious, satisfying and gut-friendly meals that are quick to cook. If you have a favourite recipe you would love to share with our community, let us know.

sibo summer cookbook


The SIBO Summer Cookbook contains over 50 SIBO-friendly recipes that are perfect for the warmer summer months.  It is available in hard copy and eCookbook format.

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sibo family favourites cookbook


The SIBO Family Favourites Cookbook has over 60 recipes that the whole family will love.  It is available in hard copy and eCookbook format.

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Spinach souffle pancakes LR

Spinach Souffle Pancakes with Roasted Tomato and Bacon

Light and fluffy, these spinach souffle pancakes with roasted tomato and bacon are a perfect lazy Sunday brunch.

Strawberry Choc - Horizontal

sugar free strawberry chocolate bites

Sugar free strawberry chocolate bites are a seriously amazing treat for anyone who loves the delicious combination of strawberries and chocolate.

Hot Cross Buns - Horizontal

SIBO friendly hot cross buns

SIBO-friendly, gluten free and paleo hot cross bun recipe


virgin mojito

When you start treating your SIBO, alcohol is off-limits. This virgin mojito will be the perfect antidote, tasting just like the real thing without the headache the following day.

Summer punch-PT

summer punch

On a hot summer’s evening there is nothing better than a delicious, cooling punch. This fruity concoction will keep you feeling refreshed while enjoying a very sophisticated non-alcoholic beverage.

Iced coffee and iced choc-PT

iced coffee & iced chocolate

During the summer months, an iced coffee can be the perfect pick me up.

Chilled turmeric tea-PT

chilled turmeric tea

This iced tea is not only delicious, but may also provide anti infl ammatory and antimicrobial support from the ginger and turmeric.

Mayonnaise & smoky salsa-PT

Smoky salsa & Mayonnaise

Once you have tasted home-made mayonnaise, you will never, ever eat store bought mayonnaise again. The key to making a successful mayonnaise is to have all of the ingredients at room temperature and to incorporate the oil very slowly. Mayonnaise can be made by hand but a blender works perfectly for this recipe and saves your arm muscles a strenuous workout.

Smoked troup dip-PT

smoked trout dip

If you have guests coming over, serve up this tasty smoked trout dip instead of commercially made dips. Not only will it taste nicer, you will know exactly what has gone into it and that it is safe on your SIBO diet.