Shopping Tours for SIBO

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Shopping tours for SIBO

You’ve received your test results, you know you have SIBO, you know what you can and can’t eat, so what’s next? For a lot of people with SIBO, this is when things can become a little daunting. Where can you find these new ingredients that you’ve possibly never heard of before? What are you meant to look out for, or avoid, in foods? How are you going to plan your meals for the week?

How about joining Rebecca for a SIBO Shopping Tour on the 19th of May in Melbourne? When Rebecca first started out on her SIBO journey she spends a lot of time, not only planning her meals but also shopping for the ingredients. Now Rebecca has some great resources for making this aspect of her life as simple as possible and we want to share her knowledge with you. Here at The Healthy Gut, we are passionate about food. We talk about food, write about food, search for new and exciting ingredients, create new recipes, discover new places to eat…… you get the picture. Food is one of the things we care about and making it easier for busy people to eat right is important for a successful SIBO journey.

When you join Rebecca on a shopping tour you’ll discover how to buy food that is SIBO friendly, what to look for in food, how to ask the right questions and why buying seasonal food is great for your health. Learn which brands are SIBO-friendly and what to look for on food labels. Rebecca’s passion for shopping for food is contagious, helping you to feel confident that you can shop with ease for your new diet protocol.

SIBO Shopping Tours

So what happens on a SIBO Shopping Tour

✓ An interactive tour where you can ask questions about food and SIBO

✓ Help with making the right food choices for treating your SIBO

✓ Learn about, and visit, some fantastic grocers, butchers and fishmongers who share The Healthy Gut’s philosophy towards food

✓ Receive tips on how to use the Meal Planner so you can organise a week’s worth of food easily

✓ Create your own shopping list to stock your SIBO store cupboard

✓ Tips on how to use The Healthy Gut ‘food and mood’ diary to help monitor your symptoms with your SIBO diet

✓ Information on what to look for on food labels to ensure you’re eating correctly for SIBO

SIBO Shopping Tours

Takeaways from The Healthy Gut Shopping Tour

✓ Food and Mood Diary

✓ Plant based food tracker

✓ Menu planner

✓ SIBO store cupboard handout

✓ Supplier contact list

Tours can be arranged for individuals or groups of up to 5 people, why not make an event of it with a group of friends or colleagues? POA

These tours will be offered in Melbourne currently, however, if you are based elsewhere please get in touch as we plan to roll this out to other cities and countries. Rebecca is considering running some in the US whilst she is there, get in touch if you’re in Portland or LA.

Interested? Head to the SIBO Shopping Tours page to register your interest.

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