SIBO Coaching Program

Don't feel alone on the SIBO Coaching Program

SIBO Coaching Program

Created by a SIBO patient who overcame this chronic debilitating condition to regain her health and take charge of her life.

Learn the 5 Key Pillars to Health that Rebecca Coomes applied to successfully recover from Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.

I wouldn’t be where I am in my journey without this amazing, friendly, inspiring, helpful, supportive FUN bunch of people & Rebecca our coach.

Maree G

Is SIBO ruining your Life?

Are you tired of the pain and discomfort it causes?

Do you want a way to regain your health and take charge of your life?

Now you can.

Are you sick and tired of being of being sick and tired and in pain?

Do you feel confused over what you should be eating, or why some foods give you symptoms and others don’t? Do you wish you could spend less time thinking about food every day?

Do you want to get your symptoms under control and stop them impacting your life?

Has SIBO become a chronic condition for you?  Have you found it impossible to beat, or found yourself relapsing after each round of treatment?

Perhaps SIBO stops you from doing fun things with family and friends, because you can’t eat freely with them, or you simply feel too exhausted and drained to go out and socialise, which leaves you feeling flat and depressed.

Have you spent hours researching this condition, only to be left feeling more confused than before?

Do you feel like no one really understands what you’re going through and that you’re alone and isolated with this condition?

Are there days when you feel that SIBO is taking over your life, preventing you from living with freedom and on your terms? Do you just want to get your life back on track? And does it feel like no matter what you try, nothing seems to change?

You’re not alone anymore

There are thousands of people struggling with this condition every day; people who are trying to regain a normal, pain and symptom-free life, who don’t want to do it alone any longer.

The SIBO COACHING PROGRAM covers the 5 Key Pillars to Health, and supports people just like you with SIBO.  This coaching program is a hands on program. Not only will you learn from Rebecca and leading SIBO experts, but you will also have the opportunity to put what you learn into practice in a safe and supportive environment.  If you are ready to take your learning to the next level and apply what you learn today, the SIBO Coaching Program is for you. Learn more about your condition and make changes to your own 5 Key Pillars To Health so it can stop controlling your life, and help you to feel better.

Imagine what it would be like to wake up every day feeling great, knowing you have the support of people who are dedicated to getting you well again, and who know EXACTLY what you are going through.

Woman smiling

A big thank you to Rebecca for this group. I am so glad I can be part of it. I truly don’t know where I would be without your help.

Sonia G

Do you wish someone could help?


The good news is, there is! Rebecca Coomes was diagnosed with SIBO in 2015 after a lifetime of chronic illness and food intolerances, with an autoimmune disease and genetic disorder switching on.  She transformed her health by healing her gut and successfully treating her SIBO.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing.  Rebecca was overwhelmed with the SIBO diet restrictions and was left feeling depressed at the limited foods she could eat.  She has now published the world’s first SIBO Cookbooks, helping thousands of people eat delicious food while adhering to a SIBO diet.

She is the host of The Healthy Gut podcast, interviewing the world’s leading gut health specialists each week. She also shares her delicious recipes on the SIBO Cooking Show.  She is regularly invited to speak on gut health issues and holds regular workshops, helping people learn why gut health is so important.

Rebecca is passionate about helping others regain their vitality, because she knows how good it feels when their health has improved.  She is committed to improving education and awareness on SIBO, and helping people regain power over their own health and destiny.

Today, she coaches people who are ready and committed to making lasting change, and teaches them the 5 Key Pillars to Health that she developed during her own health journey.

Why Do The SIBO Coaching Program

✓ Be in charge of your health

✓ Learn more about SIBO from leading specialists

✓ Stop feeling so alone and isolated. Immediately join our SIBO family

✓ Enjoy delicious SIBO friendly recipes

✓ Transform your relationship with food

✓ Reduce depression and anxiety

✓ Be in charge of your health

✓ 24/7 support from our community

✓ Get your questions answered

✓ Assistance to find the right practitioner for you

✓ Learn new cooking skills

✓ Break food addictions or fears

Emily shares: What it’s like to do the program

The SIBO Coaching Program Will

Give you the confidence to truly understand your condition. You will learn from the world’s top SIBO specialists who will share their knowledge with you through educational webinars.

Apply what you learn today in a safe and secure environment. Make your education meaninful as you apply it to your unique situation.

Mean you NEVER feel alone again.  Be part of a caring and supportive community of people who know EXACTLY what you feel like, and who are there for you every step of the way.

Feel like you are finally living life on your terms and working towards a path of health and wellness. Be empowered by being in control.

It’s so good to know we are not alone in this journey, that there are other people who understand and have similar experiences.

Val R

Apply The 5 Key Pillars To Health

The healthy gut_ICONS arch-01
The healthy gut_ICONS V3-02

The first step to regaining your health is to become aware of how you are feeling. Understanding how to listen to your symptoms and what they may mean is an important first step in your recovery.

✓ Listen to the symptoms your body is sending you

✓ Calming down will have a positive impact on your gut

✓ Track your food and symptoms to see patterns

✓ Acknowledge your journey to healthy has now begun

✓ Use handy tools and resources to support your Awareness

The healthy gut_ICONS V3-03

Nutrition is vital to living a healthy gut life. With SIBO, the food you eat can help or hinder your progress. Awareness of what you eat and how you eat is essential to your recovery.

✓ Enjoy food. It is our greatest source of nourishment

✓ Eat the foods that help, not hinder, your recovery

✓ Watch the timing and quantity of your food to manage your symptoms

✓ Make a plan and stick to it

✓ Enjoy delicious recipes and menu planning tools to support your Nutrition

The healthy gut_ICONS V3-04

We were designed to move, yet many of us find ourselves spending several hours a day being sedentary. Our gut can respond positively to exercise and movement. Understand how you move your body and what type of movement will help or hinder your recovery.

✓ Move your body to move your gut

✓ Find the right type of movement for your current health state

✓ Exercise to release endorphins and feel better

✓ Get outside, breathe fresh air and connect with nature

✓ Get the support you need to bring Movement into your day

The healthy gut_ICONS V3-05

What we think has an enormous impact on our health. When you have been unwell for some time, it can be very easy to fall into a negative mindset. Turning negative thoughts into positives beliefs will support you to achieve your wellness goals.

✓ Write down 5 things that make you happy every day

✓ Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do

✓ Meditate, breathe or practice yoga to calm the mind

✓ Make time for yourself. You will feel better for it

✓ Use handy tools and resources to support your Mindset

The healthy gut_ICONS V3-06

The way you live your life is fundamental to your recovery. Stress, sleep, relationships, social activities, relaxation and goal setting play an important role in how quickly you regain your health.

✓ Get plenty of sleep to support your recovery

✓ Address your stress levels.  Stress has a negative impact on the gut

✓ Spend time with people who support your health journey

✓ Prioritise your health. You’re worth it

✓ Implement easy tips to improve your Lifestyle

Who should do the program?

You should. If you have been suffering from SIBO or one of its associated conditions you owe it to yourself, and your health, to join this program and take charge of your health again.

This program is perfect for anyone who has been diagnosed with SIBO and wants to find the right support to live well again despite this condition.  Even though you may be currently undergoing treatment from a Practitioner, you may feel that you need additional lifestyle and emotional support outside of their medical treatment.  Or you may be going it alone and looking for no-nonsense help on how to navigate the complexities of this condition. Maybe you are looking for guidance on how to find the right Practitioner for you.

It doesn’t matter – we have got you covered.

Of course, you know that there is no quick-fix, no silver bullet to treating SIBO.  It took time to end up this way, so it is going to take time to return to health.  You should join because your health is important to you and you are ready to invest in it. It is a long-term project but you are worth it because you are committed to regaining control of your health and to creating lasting positive change in your life.

SIBO Shopping Tour

What others say

Kyrstie Barcak

I commenced the SIBO Coaching Program the week I was diagnosed with SIBO.  I struggled with my diagnosis and its implications.

As I have progressed through various stages, Rebecca Coomes has helped me understand the journey, set expectations, been a shoulder to lean on and most importantly given me strategies to help readjust my mindset.

Rebecca has been a great help to talk through and provide solutions to deal with family attitudes, attending events, eating out and other activities that can be stressful when newly diagnosed.

Kyrstie B

Frank Minutoli

The SIBO coaching program is very worthwhile and being a part of. I would consider for other people to be a part of this group long term especially when you have dealt with long term chronic gut/health issues and dealing with SIBO.

Rebecca is fantastic and very helpful and provides very good guidance and answering the questions you need to know. The Webinars with all the presenters she organises are great & very informative. The recipe books are very helpful and I look forward to many new recipes from Rebecca. She is great at what she does and takes the time to help others.

Being a part of the group you make friendships with other people who understand what you’re going through. I am looking forward to going on the Shopping SIBO tour with Rebecca and the group members soon. It’s fantastic. Thank you Rebecca.

Frank M

Maree Gasnier

This group has helped with my depression, loneliness, isolation, fear of food, life & people. With a huge THANKS to the group and some Doctors in the webinars, I’ve been able to delve deeper into my underlying causes of SIBO, which I’ve had for years.

I would have never found out about these issues/triggers without being in this group and sharing conversations. You’ll grow and heal so much faster being in the coaching group as well you’ll make lifetime friendships as we all get each other.

Maree G

Sean Minetti

When I was first diagnosed with SIBO there was very little information available on what the SIBO journey meant for me and most particularly how to eat with this new diagnosis!

I’m a foodie so the prospect of moving to a very restrictive diet was daunting, almost depressing. Rebecca’s cookbooks helped me cope with the restrictions of my new diet but there were still some missing pieces. Specifically the mental challenges and thirst for knowledge that come with a SIBO diagnosis.

Now Rebecca’s SIBO coaching program gives you access to the knowledge of a range of experienced SIBO professionals. Coupled with Rebecca’s empathetic nature and input from her own SIBO journey her SIBO program is a must when dealing with the challenges of a diagnosis.

Sean M

Living with SIBO is no longer like Shoots and Ladders

How does it work?

The SIBO Coaching Program is a weekly online group program where fellow SIBOers come together to learn about SIBO and put their education into practice to see immediate results under the coaching and guidance of Rebecca Coomes. It’s like an online summit that lasts all year long and supports your personal journey.

Learn from leading SIBO specialists every month. They share their knowledge on the latest information and treatment options for SIBO so you can apply it to your personal journey with your Practitioner.

Weekly live webinars are held each week for 60-90 minutes. Each webinar comprises education, coaching and a live Q&A segment, so you get the opportunity to ask the questions you want answered.

Can’t make it one week?  Not a problem.  All webinars are recorded so you can watch the replay at a time that is convenient to you.

Medical diagnosis or individual medical advice will not be provided however program participants are welcome to share their learnings with their Practitioners.

What’s Included?

✓ Weekly 60-90 minute live webinars with Rebecca Coomes

✓ Special guest webinars featuring leading SIBO specialists

✓ Dive deeply into a topic and have the opportunity to ask questions live

✓ Access to recorded webinars in case you have to miss a session

✓ In-depth education on all facets of SIBO

✓ Coaching on how to apply the 5 Key Pillars to your life

✓ Weekly emails from Rebecca sharing tips, recipes, resources and much more, to help you stay on track

✓ 1 on 1 coaching session with Rebecca Coomes

✓ Access to exclusive interviews, recipes and resources to support you on your journey

✓ Access to the private members-only Facebook community

✓ Exclusive priority access to special offers by The Healthy Gut

✓ Choose how long you want to follow the program: 3 months, 6 months or 1 year

✓ 24/7 support

As my SIBO journey further develops with its unique pathways, I find this group more important than ever actually. SIBO is such a tricky business that if we didn’t have the internet to help us along, I would be so isolated! And this SIBO family group is the best of what the internet can offer. It’s safe, personal, private, informative and fun.

Sharon T

Meet the specialists

Rebecca Coomes is committed to bringing you the latest information on SIBO, which is why she has invited a range of leading specialists from around the world to share their knowledge on all things SIBO.  They join Rebecca to deliver special guest live webinars, giving you the latest information on SIBO and gut health, plus you will have the opportunity to ask them the questions that you’ve always wanted answered.

November’s Schedule

As we head into the festive season, it can be wrought with fear and anxiety when living with SIBO.  During November and December, Rebecca will be coaching her clients on how to not only survive the holiday food, relatives and social events, but to enjoy them as well.

Rebecca Coomes

Rebecca Coomes, SIBO Coach

Dane Johnson

Dane Jonson, Natural Medical Practitioner

Vanessa Thiele

Dr Vanessa Thiele, Psychologist & Personal Trainer

Thanksgiving and Christmas meal planning with Rebecca Coomes
Date: Thursday 2 November 11.30am AEDT / Wednesday 1 November 5.30pm PDT / 8.30pm EDT

Topic: Rebecca will show you how to plan delicious festive meals so you can enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas this year without worrying what will be safe to eat.

Energy, lifestyle and imagination with Dane Johnson 
Date: Thursday 9 November 10.30am AEDT / Wednesday 8 November 3.30pm PST / 6.30pm EST
Topic: Dane Johnson joins us to talk about how our energy, lifestyle and imagination can support us to achieve our health goals when recovering from chronic illness and why this is so important during the festive season.

Managing your mindset over the festive season with Dr Vanessa Thiele
Date: Wednesday 15 November 11.30am AEDT / Tuesday 14 November 4.30pm PST / 7.30pm EST
Topic: Psychologist Vanessa Thiele joins us to share practical tips on how we can manage our mindset over the busy festive season and what to do if you fall off the wagon. 

Live cooking class with Rebecca Coomes
Date: Tuesday 21 November 11.30am AEDT / Monday 20 November 4.30pm PST / 7.30pm EST

Topic: Join Rebecca Coomes as she brings you a live cooking class, sharing her favourite festive recipes with you.

Lifestyle hacks to survive the festive season with Rebecca Coomes
Date: Wednesday 29 November 11.30am AEDT / Tuesday 28 November 4.30pm PST / 7.30pm EST

Topic: Join Rebecca Coomes as she shares practical lifestyle tips and trips to help you get through the festive season successfully.

Previous Guest Speakers

Check out some of the leading SIBO specialists who have joined the SIBO Coaching Program’s previous webinars.

Migrating motor complex

Dr Allison Siebecker

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr Nirala Jacobi

Dr Nirala Jacobi

Naturopathic Doctor

Heidi Turner

Heidi Turner

Registered Dietician

Norm Robillard

Dr Norm Robillard

Fast Tract Diet Creator

Kristy Regan

Kristy Regan


Shaun Seymour

Shaun Seymour

Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

Natalie Cruttenden

Natalie Cruttenden


Larry Wurn

Larry Wurn

Manual Therapist

Chris Gebhardt

Chris Gebhardt

Acupuncturist & Naturopath

Erica Julson

Erica Julson

Registered Dietician Nutritionist

Vanessa Thiele

Dr Vanessa Thiele

Psychologist & Personal Trainer

Sam Roberts

Sam Roberts

Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Sign Up Today

The SIBO Coaching Program gives you the tools you need to live well and move forward with your health.  Rebecca Coomes and special guest speakers share the latest research and information on SIBO so you can feel empowered, informed and able to take charge of your health.

You are part of a coaching program that is truly unique.  There is no other program for SIBO like this in the world.  Not only do you have Rebecca coaching and guiding you, supporting your unique situation, but you also have the opportunity to learn directly from the SIBO specialists.  We know that this level of information is priceless when it comes to regaining your health.

Yet the entire program is available for as little as $38 AUD per week.

Yep.  That’s right.  From just $38 AUD per week.

For a little more than the price of a cup of coffee each day, you can be coached by Rebecca, learn from SIBO specialists through live webinars, and be part of a community of people just like you who know exactly what you’re going through.

You will never feel alone, lost or isolated with SIBO again.

But most of all you will get your health back and regain control of your life again.

But don’t delay.  This program has limited places available as Rebecca is passionate about delivering a high-quality experience to all of her coaching clients.

This group has helped with my depression, loneliness, isolation, fear of food, life & people. With a huge THANKS to the group & some Doctors in the webinars, I’ve been able to delve deeper into my underlying causes of SIBO, which I’ve had for years. I would have never found out about these issues/triggers without being in this group & sharing conversations. You’ll grow & heal so much faster being in the coaching group as well you’ll make lifetime friendships as we all get each other.

Maree G

SIBO Coaching Program pricing table
Satisfaction guarantee 354x354

Love It or Leave It Guarantee

If you do not fall completely in love with the program and the way it improves your journey with SIBO in the first 30-days, you can leave it and get a 100% refund.

Our love it or leave it 100% money-back guarantee is our way of putting our money where our mouth is – we know that this program works.

Your satisfaction is truly important to us, so if you’re not happy for any reason, we will happily refund your initial payment and cancel your subscription.

Happy woman SIBO coaching program

Feel Better Today!

The SIBO Coaching Program is the program for people with SIBO who are ready to take charge of their health. Get started today by clicking on the button below.  Once you have signed up you will immediately gain access to the program and be invited to attend the next webinar.

Rebecca is passionate about helping people achieve their health goals, but she only works with a limited number of people at any one time to ensure she offers them the best possible value.

Read our Terms & Conditions here.

Don’t Delay

The SIBO Coaching Program is the program for SIBO patients. You will get the personal coaching and education to successfully live with SIBO. Attend weekly live webinars where you get to ask the questions you’ve wanted answered and learn how to implement the 5 Key Pillars to Health. Learn from leading SIBO specialists in where they will share the latest information and treatment options for SIBO.  And there’s no risk with our 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does The Program Start?

The SIBO Coaching Program has limited places available every month so you can sign up as you need to. Once you have reserved your place, we will confirm the exact weekly webinar dates and times with you.

Do You Guarantee Success?

The purpose of a coach is to guide you towards the life you want to live. If you put 100% into the program, you will get 100% out of it. We will be there with you every step of the way, but you are ultimately responsible for your own health outcomes.

Will You Be Able To Answer My Specific Medical Questions?

The live webinars are the perfect place for you to ask questions. If you have a question, we can be confident someone else wants to know the answer. Each webinar will allow time for Q&As with the program participants. You will be given advance notice of the webinar topic and speaker so you will have plenty of time to prepare any questions you would like to ask. However, the specialists will not be able to provide specific medical advice regarding your unique situation as they won’t know your medical history. They will be able to provide general information which you can take back to your Practitioner.

How Do I Know If This Program Is Right For Me?

This program isn’t right for everyone. If you are ready to learn more about SIBO and want to learn from some of the leading specialists, then this is right for you.  If you want to be part of a community of people who are supportive, caring and totally understand what you’re going through, then you will enjoy this program. If you are ready to make changes and are 100% committed to do what it takes to get your health back on track, you will love this program. However, if you require medical treatment we would be happy to provide you with some suggested specialists who may be able to treat you.

How Much Time Will It Take?

There will be a 60-90 minute webinar every week, which will be recorded so you can watch it if you can’t attend the live webinar.  In addition to this, you will receive some emails from us and you may like to do some extra work (some may call it homework) to support your learning and development. The more you put in to this program, the more you will get out of it, so we encourage people to allocate some time each week to focus on their health.

Will I Receive Access If I Sign Up Mid-Month?

Yes! You will immediately receive access to the program the moment you join up, and you will then be invited to join the remaining live webinars for the rest of the month.  You will be charged a weekly, monthly or annual subscription fee depending on what membership level you have selected.

How Much Does It Cost?

Membership to the SIBO Coaching Program starts from a little as $38AUD per week, which is an incredible investment on learning about your condition.  For the price of a meal at a restaurant each week, you will have access to a coaching program that is committed to educating and empowering you to support your return to health. You will receive access to weekly webinars, emails, an exclusive members-only private Facebook page, recipes, tools, resources and much more. This is an incredible investment in your future health.

How Do I Pay?

Simply click on Sign Me Up and follow the prompts to reserve your place in the SIBO Coaching Program. Sign up for a weekly, monthly or annual membership.  At checkout, you will be asked to enter your payment details and confirm the length of your membership.

Will I Receive Medication?

No.  The purpose of the SIBO Coaching Program is to educate you and guide you towards health and wellness.  We have a team of Practitioners from around the world who we will happily refer you to if you require medical treatment for your SIBO, including medication.

Will You Help Me With Recipes and Meal Planning?

Yes! Rebecca LOVES food and is passionate about helping fellow SIBOers enjoy delicious tasting food that is satisfying and nourishing.  You will have exclusive access to many of Rebecca’s recipes so you can recreate them at home. And we will be covering all of the SIBO diets so you can find one that works for you. We know how hard meal planning can be, so we’ll coach you through some easy meal planning tips you can use today.

What Are Your Terms & Conditions?

You can read our full Terms and Conditions here.

This is one of the only places where I get empathy for my gut troubles.

Lorraine W

Join the SIBO Coaching Program today

Join now and get:

✓ Immediate access to weekly group webinars

✓ 1 on 1 coaching session with Rebecca Coomes

✓ Be coached by Rebecca Coomes on the 5 Key Pillars to Health

✓ Learn from the world’s top gut health specialists and ask them questions live

✓ Pay a fraction of the price it would cost to see all of these experts

✓ Access our exclusive members-only private Facebook page

✓ Be part of a community of fellow SIBOers and never feel alone and isolated again

✓ Enjoy delicious recipes and meal planning resources to make eating for SIBO a breeze

✓ Feel safe in the knowledge that if you aren’t satisfied with the program within 30-days, we will refund we will happily give you a 100% refund

✓ Enjoy all of this and more for as little as $38AUD per week

I’m ready! Sign me up!

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