Meet The Team

meet the team

Meet the team of specialists who deliver a personalised program for you, taking you from sickness to health by healing your mind, body and gut.

rebecca coomes, founder and author

Rebecca Coomes spent most of her life feeling sick. Born two months premature, her immune system was compromised and saw her develop food intolerances, a damaged gut and an autoimmune disease by her mid 20s.

Changing her mindset, incorporating movement into her daily life and healing her gut through improved nutrition and personalised treatment program saw her transform her life. Rebecca now wants to share her success with other women, showing them how they too can take back control of their lives.


natalie cruttenden, naturopath

Natalie is a naturopath with over 18 years’ clinical experience, and a qualified nurse. She specialises in digestive health for women, helping them to heal so they can reclaim their lives.

Natalie was integral in changing Rebecca’s life by healing her SIBO. She was the first person who believed Rebecca when she said she felt sick, and through her guided treatment, took her from sickness back to health. At The Healthy Gut, we like to think of Natalie as a saint.

shaun seymour, personal trainer & nutritionist

Shaun is a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. He is passionate about helping women achieve their strength and fitness goals while overcoming their health concerns.

As a qualified Nutritionist, Shaun also has a passion for health through nutrition.

Charlotte Miller

charlotte miller, chef & dietician

Charlotte is a dietitian and a qualified chef of 16 years. She is the founding director of Food&Joy in Melbourne – a unique food and nutrition service assisting people to improve their health by developing cooking and food skills, employing mindful techniques into their eating and lifestyle and learning to engage with the foods they are consuming.

More recently she has opened Kitchen&Pantry in Carlton (Melbourne), serving gourmet takeaway meals, catering for a wide range of dietary conditions. Charlotte strongly advocates the non-diet approach and the store has become a centre where reliable dietary, cooking and food information can be obtained without association with fad diets or judgement around food choices.

michele silva, psychologist

Michele has an interest in supporting women to overcome the negative emotions often felt with chronic illness, such as anxiety, depression and stress.

She understands the importance a positive mindset has on supporting the body to heal and enjoys working with women to achieve their goals.

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