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Earn up to 20% commission on every sale

Are you a fan of The Healthy Gut’s collection of inspiring SIBO-friendly cookbooks?  Would like to share them with others?  Would you like to earn some commission while spreading the word about how to eat well with SIBO?

Perhaps you are a doctor, naturopath, dietician, nutritionist or health blogger with an interest in sharing SIBO-friendly recipes to your community. Becoming an affiliate is very simple and is a great way to earn some commission.

We are excited to have recently launched our US editions of the SIBO Family Favorites and SIBO Summer eCookbooks. The US edition eCookbooks are included in the affiliate program, however the printed US edition will not be included in the program.

As a Healthy Gut affiliate:

✓ Earn 20% on digital book sales and 10% on hard copy book sales
✓ Be registered in under 2 minutes
✓ Receive bi-monthly payments
✓ Experience the benefits of being part of The Healthy Gut affiliate program

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How to become an affiliate with The Healthy Gut

Becoming an affiliate with The Healthy Gut is easy and only takes a few minutes to set up.

1. First you will need to register with us.  It is a very easy and straightforward system and will only take you a few minutes. For further tips on becoming an affiliate please click here.

2. Supply us with your ABN number and confirm if you are registered for GST (Australian businesses only).  Simply email us.

If you don’t have an ABN, you will need to supply a receipt of payment with all your personal details on it.

All affiliate earnings are paid via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). You will need to provide a tax invoice (or receipt of payment) and your bank details before payment can be made. You can use this template to create your tax invoice or receipt of payment.

Please be aware that your earnings from the affiliate program may contribute to your total Australian taxable income. You should seek professional independent taxation advice for any tax implications that occur as a result of this payment. We are not accountants and are not qualified to provide any taxation advice to you.

3. Once you have registered with us and your application has been approved, you will receive a unique affiliate code for our products.

4. Use your affiliate code to link to images, blog posts, social media post, etc to cookbook sales.

5. You can start earning commission immediately!

Who can become an affiliate?

The great news is that anyone can become an affiliate with The Healthy Gut.  We know that affiliate products work best when they come from a genuine recommendation.  Read our cookbooks, cook recipes from them, and get to know them before talking about them.

You may like to write a blog post about your experience cooking SIBO-friendly recipes, share images on Instagram of the recipes after you have cooked them or tweet about your cooking exploits. We’d love you to tag us if you do and share the love!

If you would like a digital copy of the cookbooks to get you started, simply email us and we’ll get it to you straight away. Or if you are having any issues setting up your account, email us and we’ll be happy to help.

Terms and conditions

✓ Earn 20% commission on digital book sales and 10% commission on printed book sales. US edition printed books are not included in the affiliate program.

✓ Payments are made on the 15th of every second month for the previous two months. So January and February commissions will be paid on 15th March.

✓ Payments are made via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

✓ Payments are made in  Australian Dollars (AUD)

✓ Australian residents purchasing a cookbook will be charged 10% GST on top of the purchase price of the cookbook. This will be added at the time of payment.

✓ Affiliate commissions do not apply to the postage or GST fees on a purchase.

✓ We ask that you comply with good online etiquette and don’t breach copyright laws.

SIBO Family Favourites eCookbook

SIBO Family Favourites eCookbook

$22.95 AUD

Your commission = 20% ($4.59 AUD)

View the landing page here

Family Fav Book_3D Cover_transparent

SIBO Family Favourites Cookbook

$32.95 AUD

Your commission = 10% ($3.30 AUD)

View the landing page here

SIBO Family Favorites eCookbook US edition

SIBO Family Favourites eCookbook (US Edition)

$22.95 AUD

Your commission = 20% ($4.59 AUD)

View the landing page here

SIBO Summer eCookbook

SIBO Summer eCookbook

$22.95 AUD

Your commission = 20% ($4.59 AUD)

View the landing page here

SIBO Summer Cookbook

SIBO Summer Cookbook

$32.95 AUD

Your commission = 10% ($3.30 AUD)

View the landing page here

SIBO Summer eCookbook US edition

SIBO Summer eCookbook (US Edition)

$22.95 AUD

Your commission = 20% ($4.59 AUD)

View the landing page here

SIBO Christmas eCookbook

SIBO Christmas eCookbook

$14.95 AUD

Your commission = 20% ($2.99 AUD)

Visit the landing page here

Here are some images to get you started

To save an image, right click on the image(s) you like and save them to your computer.  If you require an image with different dimensions, please get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

SIBO Christmas eCookbook

eCookbook image

SIBO Christmas eCookbook

Website banner image (1902 x 600)


Facebook banner image


Instagram / square image


Pinterest / side banner image


440 x 220 px


SIBO Family Favourites Cookbook

Email banner image: 600 x 200 px

Favourites_Marketing banners_EMAIL

Facebook Banner Image: 828 x 315 px

Favourites_Marketing banners_FACE Top banner

Twitter Banner Image: 1500 x 500 px

Favourites_Marketing banners_TWITT Top banner

Single image: 709 x 958 px

Family Fav Book_3D Cover_transparent

Recipe page images: 1580 x 1065 px

Breakfast pizza
Chicken yakitori skewers with rainbow cauliflower rice
Succulent lemon and thyme roast chicken
Stick pork ribs
Buttery pan fried bacon brussels sprouts
Lemon and coconut slice
Chai almond milk latte
Roasted tomato and capsicum sauce
Chai almond milk latte

SIBO Summer Cookbook

3D Image of SIBO Summer Cookbook

SIBO Summer Cookbook

Image: 1903 x 600 px

SIBO Summer Cookbook website banner image

Web Banner Image: 1903 x 358 px


Image: 860 x 500 px

The Healthy Gut Recipe Images - Landscape

Image: 520 x 1050 px

The Healthy Gut Recipe Images - Portrait

US editions of SIBO eCookbooks

SIBO Summer eCookbook (US edition)

900 x 900 px


SIBO Family Favorites eCookbook (US edition)

900 x 900 px


US editions now available – Web Banner

1903 x 358 px

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US editions now available – Pinterest/Side Banner

US eCookbooks_Available_Pinterest

Instagram / Square image

US eCookbooks_Available_Instagram

Facebook image

4th july recipes

Need help setting up your affiliate program?

We have listed step-by-step instructions on how to set up your affiliate program for the SIBO cookbooks.  Click here to read more.