Tips For Affiliates

affiliate registration instructions

Step 1.

Click here to register with The Healthy Gut’s affiliate program.

Step 2.

Once you are in the Affiliate Area you will be able to fill in your name, create a username (usually your business name), enter the email you’d like us to contact you on, your payment email (this is your PayPal email, if you have one) and give us your website URL.

You’ll then be asked to give us a little bit on information about how you will promote us and create and confirm a password. It’s a good idea to opt into our newsletter as we’ll keep you updated on The Healthy Gut activities. Once you’ve agreed to our Terms of Use please go ahead and register.

Screenshot (2)

Step 3.

The screen will then show you a message to let you know that ‘Your affiliate account is pending approval’.

Screenshot (3)

Step 4.

You shortly after completing the form receive an email to let you know that your affiliate application is being reviewed.

All applications are then reviewed by The Healthy Gut (please allow up to 48hrs for approval).

Once reviewed you will receive an email to confirm whether you have been accepted. If you have been accepted you will then be able to log into the ‘Affiliate Area’.

Step 5. 

Once you log into the ‘Affiliate Area’ you will be able to see you own unique affiliate ID number and your referral URL.

You may copy any of our sales page URL’s into this form to create your own unique referral link and if you choose to, create a ‘Campaign Name’.

For example: In order to create a referral URL for our SIBO Family Favourites US edition, you would go to that page, copy and paste the URL, https;//

Once this has been entered your unique referral URL will be created in the field below.

You can now copy the URL link and copy and paste it wherever you want people to be directed to purchase the cookbook.  This may be as a link in an email, image or banner on your website, blog or social media post.


Step 6. 

Welcome to The Healthy Gut you’re now ready to start selling and earning commission!

If you have any problems at all with the registration process then please drop us an email at [email protected] with the email heading ‘Affiliate Program Help Required’

Happy Selling!

terms and conditions

✓ Earn 20% commission on digital book sales and 10% commission on printed book sales. Cookbook + ebook sales receive 10% commission.
✓ Payments are made on the 15th of every second month for the previous two month. So January and February commissions will be paid on 15th March.
✓ Payments are made via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
✓ Payments are made in  Australian Dollars (AUD).
✓ Australian residents will be charged 10% GST on top of the purchase price. This will be added at the time of payment.
✓ We ask that you comply with good online etiquette and don’t breach copyright laws.